Julie Jesseph-Balaa



Pasadena City College, Cabrillo College & W.T.I.

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Julie lives in the hilly backcountry of the City of Angels, in the hidden backwater where no one bothers her and she is free to do her in-depth research... : ) Julie is author of a brand new book coming out this November "23 called "Low Cost Emergency Preparedness: A DIY Guide for Families." It is a Skyhorse publication. (By the way, if you are interested in this topic, it is available on Amazon and through Target online as well as on Julie's website IN-JOYSURVIVAL.COM -- coming soon.) She has worked, and studied at a local research organization (W.T.I.) that focuses upon all aspects of the broad topic of survival. She is always glad to publicly share meaningful research and related insights and discoveries with family, friends and the community in presentations, classes and lectures held on a regular basis at W.T.I., and other locations. Julie also manages the W.T.I. booth at the Highland Park Community's Farmers Market, held every Tuesday from 3pm-7pm on Ave. 58, between Figueroa and the Gold Line where the public can learn about growing their own foods and foods that offer the most nutrition and medicine for our bodies and pick up fresh produce and food producing plants. Recently Julie has begun to develop an educational community garden and class center on the beautiful 1+ acre property that is the headquarters of the W.T.I. non-profit organization in Highland Park. She teaches and organizes classes in self-sufficiency gardening (including with greenhouses, permaculture, organic gardening techniques, & wild foods), healthful food preparation, natural nutrition, tree, bee and chicken care, solar power, reusing rainwater, and other practical sustainability topics. Julie is avidly interested in spiritually-oriented research. She is one of a few presenters who offer timely and seasonal topics on Sunday mornings at W.T.I. Julie felt fortunate to be blessed to study with and be mentored by a fellow researcher Richard Evan White, who founded W.T.I. and its remarkable library. All interested people are welcome to come and get a "taste of what is offered." Just call Julie for a current schedule of timely and seasonal topics. Julie has been married to her wonderful spouse, inventor and environmental engineer, Talal Balaa, over the last 30 years. They have a son and daughter. Also part of the family is a charming "canine child," their rescued German Shepherd canine companion, Kenny.